19 May

Snap, Crackle, Pop: My Journey Through Body Maintenance Coaching

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They say if you want to get someone talking, especially if they’re over 50, just ask them one simple question: “What hurts?” I’m not yet 50, but for the last several years, my answer to this question has always been, “My [expletive] right hip.” The chronic stiffness, the dull ache, the feeling that I constantly […]

5 May

10 Easy Habits to Increase Your Productivity

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Groceries to buy. Dinner to cook. Laundry to do. A family to attend to. And that’s just the stuff after work! If you’re like most Americans, you’ve got too much going on. But when you’re drowning in to-dos at your job, it’s difficult to come up for air and think strategically about time management or […]

27 April

Communication Tips to Bridge the Generation Gap at Work

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Picture this: Ben is a young, entry-level employee who has a new project idea to share. He knows his manager’s boss, Patty, makes the decisions on projects, so Ben emails Patty directly with the idea. He’s so excited about the prospect! Patty, busy preparing for retirement and confused why Ben didn’t just bring up this […]

20 April

3 Exercises to Relieve Aging Knees

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You may remember a time when achy knees didn’t hold you back from physical activity or spontaneous action. If you’re lucky, that time is now! But if you’re like many Americans over 40, your knees aren’t what they used to be. Aches, stiffness, even pain: these symptoms can squelch your motivation to exercise like you […]

14 April

5 Ways Mindfulness Can Improve Your Relationships

Do you ever tune out your parents when they tell you the same story for the billionth time? Or can you remember a time you were so angry at your partner that you refused to see their point of view? Was there ever a moment when you realized, “I literally can’t remember what my coworker […]

7 April

How to Be an Empathetic Parent Without Losing Yourself

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“Mommy, can Justin come over to play?” “Dad, when are we going to the amusement park?” “I want a dog!” “I don’t want to go to bed!” “Look what I can do!” When you have a young child, you hear these things—and so much more—on a daily basis. A parent’s world revolves around their kids, at […]

1 April

5 Business Etiquette Rules All Millennials Need to Know

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Your company’s biggest client is flying in for a meeting. You have to email their team, coordinate their arrival, and welcome them to your office when they arrive. So, what do you wear? How do you address them? If they don’t respond to your emails, can you text them? And if so, how formal should […]

22 March

The Introvert’s Guide to Mastering Small Talk: 4 Expert Tips

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Chitchatting with a stranger. For extroverts, it’s easy, exciting, and energizing. But for introverts? Well, it’s work, even with the nicest people. “Introverts aren’t bad at socializing,” says Patrick King, social interaction specialist and designer of Mazlo’s Conversational Agility program. “They can even be more captivating than the most extroverted life-of-the-party. It just takes a lot […]